About Us

The Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York (BCTC) represents more than 100,000 tradesmen and tradeswomen across New York City and consists of local affiliates of 15 national and international unions.

The BCTC advocates for the advancement of workers’ rights, economic security and middle-class employment opportunities for its membership and all working people, as well as safe working conditions across New York City’s robust construction, development, and real estate communities.

In recent years, the BCTC has made significant efforts to build and grow diversity among the city’s construction industry. BCTC-sponsored pre-apprenticeship and direct-entry programs have led to the creation of thousands of middle-class careers for the city’s minority and historically underserved communities. As a result of these efforts, a majority of workers in the city’s unionized construction industry are now minority New Yorkers.

The organization has also been instrumental in guaranteeing that safety is paramount at all construction sites across the city, leading the charge in support of legislation that protects the health, safety, and dignity of New York’s construction workers, no matter their union affiliation.

The BCTC is committed to not just creating jobs, but creating careers that lead to the middle-class, and the umbrella organization works around-the-clock with industry stakeholders, private developers, non-profit organizations, workers’ rights advocates, city agencies, and elected officials to make sure that vision is transformed into a reality.

All BCTC media inquiries should be directed to Jordan Isenstadt at Marino:
Jordan Isenstadt, Senior Vice President
Telephone: 212.402.3510 Email: jisenstadt@marinopr.com
Taryn Schofield, Account Executive
Telephone: 212.402.3533 Email: tschofield@marinopr.com