Project Labor Agreements

Instructions for NYC BCTC PLA grievances

  • Notify superintendent of job and CM within 7 days of occurrence.
  • If not resolved in 7 days thereafter, send letter requesting Step 2 mediation to the attention of Gary LaBarbera with copies to the following:
    • Contractor/Sub-Contractor
    • Michael D. Bosso, Esq.
    • Construction Manager/Owner/Developer
    • *Include in the letter three possible dates (within 7 days of the date of the letter) to hold the mediation.
  • BCTC will schedule the Step 2 meeting sending notice to all parties.
  • If the matter cannot be resolved at Step 2, the parties will select an arbitrator (if one is not already designated in the PLA) before leaving the Step 2 mediation.
  • The party requesting the arbitration will send a letter to the selected arbitrator requesting the arbitrator to schedule an arbitration date with all parties within 7 days following the mediation. The requesting party's letter should include contact information for all parties (telephone number, fax number, & full address); and shall identify the issue and relevant PLA provisions. Each party identified in paragraph 2 above should be copied on the letter demanding arbitration.